Lab Names Name of Tools, Name of Programming Language Description
  • Creates a database for storing and manipulating data.
  • Defining the relationship of each table.
  • Clients can make requests by typing specific SQL statements on MySQL.
Office Automation MS Office
  • Learn how to use MS office applications in office work.
  • Creating professional quality documents, storing, organizing.
  • Analyzing information, performing Arithmetic operations and functions.
  • Creating dynamic slide presentations with animation narration and images.
Machine Learning Lab Python Language
  • To setup the environment to run the python programs.
  • To Understand the essential concepts of Python programming.
  • To understand concepts about Data Types and Looping statements.
  • To learn the fundamentals of Machine Learning.
  • To understand basic component of an intelligence system.
  • To explore applications of machine learning.
  • To understand different types of machine learning algorithms and tools.
  • To learn how to use machine learning model to solve real world problem.
Data Science Python language and MS Excel
  • Apply the fundamentals of statistics on real world data.
  • List various approaches of Machine Learning.
  • Use Data Science for personal use.
  • Describe machine learning algorithms to solve the real-world problems.
  • Develop machine learning models.
  • Classify data using Logistic regression.
  • Identify appropriate models for solving machine learning problems.
  • Use of statistical tools to analyze and interpret data accurately.
  • To make informed decisions based on the data.
Computer Network Lab NS3 tool or Network simulator 3
  • Network simulator is a tool used for simulating the real world network on one computer by writing scripts in C++ or Python.
Web Technologies CSS, Php Javascript, Webservers Hibernate Spring Boot
  • Used for developing web based software.



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