Mentoring And Advising

Our dynamics and well structures mechanism brings best piece of mentoring and advising at Invertis University, we assist students with a supportive network of mentors and advisors from upperclassmen to Industrial experts, faculty members, guest lecturers and administrators, there are many options for students for career guidance. Our goal is to support all students as they adapt their study skills, test taking strategies and personal habits to the demands of the academic curriculum and bridge the gap between academics and industrial requisites.

We are accommodating our students with special cell namely; Invertis student welfare society where we have separate Dean Student Welfare (DSW) and Additional Dean Student Welfare (ADWS) to deal with frequent issues.

All first year students are assigned faculty advisors under the Student Success Network Program (SSNP). The faculty advisor will meet the students individually with the students to give academic and personal support and guidance.

Academic Coaches from Industries, Government institutions and experts help students thrive and succeed academically. They meet with students on a regular basis to review material and draw connections between lectures, conduct technical and non technical lab demonstrations and prepare for examinations. Academic support and mentoring key areas:

Faculty Advisors

The faculty advisor will meet individually with the student to give academic and personal support and guidance. Students will also meet with other advisees in small groups to discuss common experiences and learn from each other.

Department Of Professional Communication

"Communication" is the essence of knowledge and skills” Students learned how to best position themselves for success in obtaining jobs in academic institutions, how to overcome obstacles and challenges, and gain important communication skills.

The Student Success Network Program (SSNP)

The student success network program (SSNP). They meet with students on a regular basis to review material and draw connections between lectures, conduct lab demonstrations and prepare for exams. They offer course-specific tutoring for students as well as workshops on topics such as study skills, time management and test-taking strategies.

Seniors To Juniors Mentoring Module

The seniors to juniors program module is a student-run peer advising organization designed to smooth students' transition into mature professional by matching members of the incoming class with a seniors student. They give support, answer questions and share information from a student's perspective. Students meet with their Bigs during the first week of school and periodically check in throughout the year.

Corporate Resource Centre (CRC)

CRC provides regular professional and career development series to inform students about various career options. They assist students with interviews and help them to get selected in top companies. They give options to learn about career-building skills, negotiation tactics and other skills to crack the interviews. They also help students for getting live projects.

Program Directors

Program directors are available for each program in the University as a resource to students in their respective programs. They are available to students to assist with course selection, academic concerns related to courses, career advice, course requirements and thesis requirements and mentoring.



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